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    Conalog is a technology startup started by the mission which is to improve people’s lives with technology without hampering the value of existing analogues in a distinctive way. Recognized for our excellence, Conalog won a grand prize at the 2017 Seoul National University (SNU) startup competition, THE BEGINNING, and the financial support became our foundation which launched our endeavor for our future-oriented dream.

    Conalog stands for 'connection of analogs,' which embeds our belief that every common object can connect and communicate with each other. We organize the connections by making wireless IoT sensor nodes that include the ability to energize themselves within users' daily lives, challenging the battery issue which is a main barrier to entering the IoT era. Our first product is named "Seal." Seal is a life-immersive and eco-friendly sensor that can detect users' presence and transmit the data in a wireless, baterryless manner. Also, you can IoT-fy common things simply by attaching or embedding it by the virtue of its slim and light design. Currently, Seals have been installed in Kwanjeong SNU library, enabling a smart lighting system that can automatically turn the lights on and off simply by the users' presence.

  • Members

    Eunseo Kim

    CEO & CTO

    In charge of patents for the product.

    Has dual B.S.'s in physics and electrical engineering from Seoul Nat’l Univ. (SNU)

    Seungkyun Yeo

    Backend Devloper & Data Scientist

    B.S in Mechnical Engineering from KAIST

    M.S in Ocean Systems Enginnering from KAIST

    Hyeongseon Ham

    Creative Director & Product Designer

    B.S in Industrial Design from Hongik Univ.

    Chulhyun Ryu

    Business Strategist

    Undergraduate Student in Economics from Seoul Nat'l Univ. (SNU)


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